About Us


To be the central networking office for students' employment before and after graduation



To continually dedicate ourselves in providing our students and alumni the necessary skills and resources they need that will lead them achieve fulfilling careers.

The Career and Placement Program of the Center for Guidance Services can contribute to public objectives, such as making academic systems effective, reducing unemployment in the labor market and improving social justice and integration. Moreover, the program can also motivate the members of the institution to participate in a lifelong learning, develop efficient employability in the world of work and an improved quality of life by assisting the clients to who they are, where they are going and how can they get there. This will also let the individuals come to understand themselves as they relate to the world of work and their lives through career counseling.


OLFU Career Placement System

The Career Placement System is one of the University's services extended beyond graduation. It is an online database for OLFU graduates that serves the following purposes:

  1. Helps graduates access a world of opportunities through information on available jobs that would best fit their qualifications
  2. Updates graduates about the significant events that are happening in their alma mater through announcements or news feeds
  3. Helps in maintaining records of students even after they graduate from OLFU, thus, making tracer studies easier and more accessible
  4. Serves as a strong reference for recruiting partners of OLFU in looking for potential and qualified graduates that can fill up their companies' vacant job positions
  5. Strengthens linkages to current recruiting partners and opens opportunities for more partnerships