How to Become a Corporate Partner

These guidelines aim to standardize the policies and procedures in identifying and establishing relationships with industry partners in the placement program of the university and they are as follows:

Policies and / or Procedures:

  1. Potential partners are requested to submit their Company profile, SEC Registration certificate, and a letter of intent.
  2. Before entering into an official partnership with the recruiting partner, each company profile must be first reviewed to validate its appropriateness to the field of specialization.
  3. To strengthen the partnership a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) must be officially signed by both the University and the Industry Partner and should be legally notarized.
  4. Industry partners are required to update the university every time that they successfully hire an OLFU graduate.
  5. The recruiting partners are also expected to annually evaluate the performance of the OLFU graduates that they have hired by filling up the OLFU-owned Employer's Feedback Form.
  6. The partnership with the recruiting partners shall remain active and in full force and effect unless otherwise revoked, superseded or terminated by OLFU.